USPS Mailbox removals

With the help of some amazing collaborators I was able to assess changes to USPS mailbox locations ahead of the 2020 election. This analysis helps answer if changes to USPS were designed to keep people from voting.


Executive Summary

Check out the basic conclusion with basic, understandable interactions.


Detailed Analysis

This is a more complete summary of my analysis and methods. And some additional interesting observations. It includes links to sources and specific details on how the analysis was performed. It also contains the original Python code if you would like to recreate the analysis.


Trump's Twitter Sentiment

Using the NLTK Toolkit in Python and data from the Trump Twitter Archive and assessed how positive or negative Trump and his followers have been since his the beginning of @realDonaldTrump.

Benford's Law

I created a free tool to help organizations find out of place transactions in a statistically valid way. Used by fraud professionals to identify fictitious transactions, Benford’s Law identify natural number sets.


Indirect Cost Accounting

I created a way to visually see the indirect supported the city provides to DIA based on live accounting data. This helps supplement an audit report on how Denver manages their indirect costs.

When viewing on the Auditor's Office website, you can click any agency to see what expenses Denver International Airport is paying for.


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