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The Post Office 2020

I want to address the idea that the Post Office is somehow trying to rig the election. I am a data scientist and my preliminary conclusion is the changes to post office acceptance boxes (blue USPS boxes) is not an attempt to influence the vote. 

When considering only the number of mailboxes removed, counties supporting Clinton had more mailboxes removed than counties supporting Trump as shown in the chart below.

There is more to the story than just the number of mailboxes removed, we also need to consider population and the number of mailboxes that exsited before major changes to the post office. If we compare the percent change in mailboxes, we can draw a different conclusion.

On average, a higher percentage of mailboxes were removed from counties that supported Trump, not Clinton in 2016.

In conclusion, there is little evidence that changes to USPS collection points is an attempt to influence the election. This, however, is a limited dataset. Additional information, such as collection frequency, changes to sorting machine, or changes to USPS operations in a specific location may change the outcome of this analysis.

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