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ACFE 2020 Global Fraud Conference

Computer Models for Prioritizing Investigations

Models produced by data science techniques can translate to better results if they are used correctly. Outputs can change greatly based on the specific analysis and tests. This makes results difficult to compare and prioritize. This session will demonstrate how to interpret different models and determine their effectiveness. After the discussion, you will understand the benefits, limitations, and appropriate datasets to use with machine learning models and statistical tests. You will also discuss the tools available and the considerations before implementing the tools, as well as how to prioritize and select cases for further evaluation.

Data Analytics for Deductive and Inductive Reasoning

Full day workshop made in cooperation with the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA).

This workshop focuses on how to incorporate advanced audit tools into your audit program. We will discuss some popular techniques and the differences between exploratory analysis
(inductive) and analysis to test against criteria (deductive). Attendees will learn and practice common analytic software features like summarize, join, and visualization techniques for both exploratory and testing analyses.


Denver Audit Committee

I often present the results of audits on behalf of the Denver Auditor's Office.


Purchasing and Accounts Payable


Data Analytics

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